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Internet Ad Results

By Terry Dean
(About The Author)

Finally ...

The FACTS and The ANSWERS are Here!

Can you afford to make your decisions on misinformation provided to you by those so-called Internet experts when they only send you to some Affiliate Links so that they can be paid COMMISSIONS?

When someone tries to sell you an ad, check with this eBook first.  Don't believe the Internet hype. Get the Facts!

This eBook is one of the only products on the Internet where you can see the Actual Results of Internet advertising, not the hype everyone is preaching.


Internet is changing every day. You need to know what is working online in the year 2001, not what worked last year or the year before. Forget free classified ads, Free-For-All Links pages, and spamming the Search Engines. This crap may have worked three years ago, but all you will get for your trouble today is an email box full of SPAM

If you are serious about Internet Advertising then you can't afford to waste your hard earned money on ineffective or nonproductive ads. Every dollar you spend has to do the work of Ten. Every visitor to your site has to be productive and profit producing.

Forget the HYPE! Internet marketing isn't as easy as some people claim it to be. If you have been online for any time at all, you already know this. You can't just put up a free web site and wait for millions of people to show up and buy from you.

You need advertise, Advertise Effectively!

Most Internet marketing courses tell you what to do, but they never reveal to you how to do it profitably without wasting thousands of dollars in unnecessary and expensive experimentation.

You don't need Internet marketing theories. you need concrete steps and specific directions to take to build and market your business for maximum profits with minimum time and money.

With 'Internet Ad Results' You will see exact results of Terry Dean's Ad tests along with the Ad tests of other top experts so YOU will know exactly where to advertise.

  • Which ad sources earned money?

  • Which ad sources are totally wasted?

  • Which ezine should you advertise in? 

  • Are Large ezines always better?

  • Which methods should you try with caution?

  • How do you get maximum value from p-p-c search engines? 

  • Is Banner Ads still working?

  • What kind of Banners are getting the highest click-throughs?

  • Which type of web site pulls in the most orders per visitor?

  • Facts! More Facts!! Only Facts!!


We have spent 1,000's of Dollars on ad tests to produce these results.

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This publication is NOT intended to endorse any Advertising providers. This publication is NOT intended to upset anyone who provides advertising resources either.  

We have simply recorded the Actual Results and let the Facts Speak themselves!


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